TandaSoft (Tanda Enterprises, LLC d/b/a TandaSoft) is based in Salida, Colorado.

The principal consultant of TandaSoft is Andrew Koransky, Member, Tanda Enterprises, LLC d/b/a TandaSoft (see resume).

Andrew’s Personal Statement

I am a senior software engineer specializing in information systems technical consulting and application development.  I have over 23 years of experience and a degree in Computer Science.  I have been developing networked or stand-alone desktop applications, mobile apps, as well as intranet or internet web applications.  Although capable of working with a wide range of technologies (including C++, Java, and web [HTML5/CSS3 and JavaScript]), I specialize in Microsoft Technologies (including C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, SQL Server, and Microsoft Access).  I am also capable of providing custom software that integrates with existing software.  For more information about my qualifications, please see my Resume (pdf).

Contact Us

TandaSoft d/b/a Tanda Enterprises, LLC
101032 W Cherokee Dr
Salida, CO 81201