The WP-iCal plugin turns WordPress into a multi-author, online calendar. The plugin takes any posts that are tagged with an event and exposes them in an iCalendar feed for subscription into Apple’s iCalGoogle Calendar or other iCal-friendly app.

wp-ical has been tested with WordPress 2.5.1.  It will likely NOT work with earlier versions of wordpress AND it is not compatible with wp-iCal versions earlier than 2008-11-12.166.

Download Version 2008-11-12.166 Here

WP-iCal is released under the GNU General Public License.

Thanks to Garrick Van Burren for writing wp-iCal.  I have simply enhanced and modified his 2006-10-12 version to work with WordPress 2.5.1.  See below for a changelog.

Changes since 2006-10-12:

  • post-new calendar event details plugin now produces ‘conforming’ HTML (more closely matches other admin ‘blocks’ on the post-new page).
  • modifications made to support adding the calendar meta AND deleting it.
  • javascript code added to enable/disable calendar form.
  • location “verify” button added to verify the location (helps prevent errors when location fails.
  • HTML scrubbing now optional. $wpical_striptags in wp-ical-plugin specifies whether or not to strip HTML or not.
  • fixed category joins in wp-ical.php.
  • meta keys now have “wpical_” prefix to ensure no collisions occur.
  • GMT/local time fixes.